5 Ways to Prevent Car Theft

Cars are assets. Both for the owner and for the one who could successfully steal it. While the thieves celebrate on their success, the car owners mourn their loss. car theft has always been a common crime found in every city of the world. Irrespective of how strict the policing is, such crime couldn’t be stopped from happening. To be more truthful, preventing the car from being stolen is even now firstly the responsibility of the owner, and then it is distributed to the police and the insurance company.

So, here we have gathered some safety measures for the car owners following which they can create a basic level of security for the car and prevent such incidents from taking place.

Selecting a Safe Parking Place

While looking for a place to park your car, you need to be a little bit choosy.  As per the suggestions of the Chandler area Mazda dealerships, it is always better to park your vehicle in a proper parking place where there is a security system in place. Do not try to avoid that small parking fee and end up losing your car altogether. If it is dark, then select a place which is well-lit and park your vehicle in broader public place.

Safe Parking

In most cases, Cars get stolen from the public parking slots, as not every parking place is secured with alert watchmen. Sometimes, one may need to park the car simply on the road that isn’t a proper parking place. Such places are more prone to car theft, as there is no security to take care of the car. If one has to do the parking somewhere like this, then closing down all the window panes and doors and locking them should be a compulsory practice.

Do Not Park Too Far Away from Your Destination

Everybody knows the pain of finding a nearby place for parking the vehicle as in some places, there is hardly any parking allowed. In such situations, we tend to park our vehicles far from our working spot. That creates a chance for people to meddle with your car and find a way out to steal it, taking their own sweet time. Thus, make it a point to park your vehicle somewhere near the place you are visiting. Make a google search for the nearest authorised parking place near your destination before you reach.

Never leave your keys in the vehicle

The Chandler Mazda dealer warns every car owner not to leave your car keys in the vehicle, especially when you ‘think’ you know the place and people around. But that is how you really invite trouble for yourself, as even you might know the faces around you, you do not know their intentions.

Carry All the Valuables with You

The car thieves are normal thieves too. If you keep any valuables inside your car and leave them visible from outside, they know the tricks to take them out, if not the car itself. Leaving valuable items in the car like the laptop, camera, purses, smartphones would allure people to commit a crime, so make it a point to carry them with you whenever you leave your car parked.