Why Fords are a Smart Investment for Modding Enthusiasts

Any motorist with a passion for modding cars should seriously consider investing in a Ford. In addition to being a manufacturer famed for creating many of the world’s greatest and most stylish cars, Ford vehicles have a huge scope for modding and customisation. There is a large community for this too, so you should be able to get all the guidance and advice you need with a little research online.

Ford Focus

The Ford Focus is particular is good for modifying. This compact hatchback won Car of the Year just 12 months after it was released in 1998 and is now in its third generation. The Ford Focus RS is deemed to be the best available high-performance hot hatch despite tough competition, but it also has endless modification possibilities.

A few popular modifications that you see in the modding world include upgrading the exhaust to give the RS an almighty roar, but if you want more power then you should look into replacing the intake. Although the RS is known for its superb handling, you could also reduce the centre of gravity for sportier handling with lowering springs (avoid going too low though).

The RS doesn’t contain any carbon fibre parts, so you may want to look into this for greater customisation and reduce the weight of your RS. These are the main modifications that you see and, although there are more options, the RS is such a good vehicle that much of it can be left as is.

Ford Fiesta

The Fiesta is another iconic supermini from Ford that dates all the way back to 1976. Now one of their best-selling marques, many Fiesta owners heavily modify their vehicle for both aesthetics and performance. One of the great things about the Fiesta is that it is an affordable vehicle and this allows many people to enter the world of modding on a modest budget. You simply need to find one for a reasonable price from a place like Motorpoint, and then get to work.

Fiestas are very common and driven by people of all ages, so people like to make their’ s stand out from the crowd with exterior customisation in the form of decals. The ST boasts an impressive performance, but those that like to push things to the max will want to look into ECU remapping, sport springs, sway bars and the exhaust.

Ford automobiles are perfect for modding and especially the Focus and Fiesta. They are both excellent vehicles with plenty of scope for customisation, plus they do not have to break the bank to purchase either.