What Should You Know About Importing Your Car To Australia?

If you are planning to move to Australia and your car is so favourite of yours that you cannot think of leaving it behind and want to take it along with you, you will observe that the task is more difficult than you first imagined.

Because of the strict rules and high costs that come with transporting a motor vehicle to Australia, it should best be avoided unless you will be moving down under for a long period or are strongly attached to your car.

Here are some key issues that you should consider and tips that will help you. In any case, it’s recommended to take help from a reliable company like https://www.marineautodepot.com.au

Knowing the Rules

The Department of Infrastructure and Transport has created a 35-page booklet named Importing Vehicles to Australia. You should read this to get an idea of how complex the process can be and to make sure you abide by all the many rules.

Research is very important here. Another useful source is the website of Australian Government Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development. Here you will get the rules simplified and also the required forms which you have to fill out.

There are companies specialised in the process that can help you, but while this may lessen your stress, it could cost you to a great extent and is not required as long as you strictly stick to the guidelines.

Do You HAVE to Import Your Vehicle?

This is the first question you should ask yourself. If you will stay in Australia only for a short time, it would be far more convenient and cheaper to buy a second-hand car here.

Even though you have planned to move here permanently, you better consider selling your car or leaving it in your previous country. Only those cars that are irreplaceable in terms of model, value and emotions may be worth bringing to Australia.

Before starting the research for the process, take the time to think seriously about if the vehicle is worth the hassle.

Research, Verify Your Research, Then Ask Someone Knowledgeable

If you are determined to transport your vehicle to Australia, the first thing you should find out is if your car is indeed entitled to importing. This is pretty difficult to understand, but there is a useful quiz on the portal mentioned above which will make it a bit easier.

You should also do extensive research to know:

  • The expenses
  • Time required to receive a permit and make other arrangements
  • Paperwork required
  • Risks involved

If you have someone you know who has undergone the process of importing their car to Australia, you should discuss the process in detail with them. There are high chances that they have many useful tips and tricks that will make things less complicated for you.

If you don’t have such a contact, do additional research in expat forums, ask questions and try to find someone who may be willing to help you.


Once you have done all the research, you will have to apply online (or through the post) for approval. After submitting your application, pay attention to your emails as the department may want additional information before processing your application.

The time taken for getting the approval varies but if you follow all guidelines, it helps to reduce this time and avoid delays that happen due to any mistakes.

Thorough Cleaning Required to Avoid Delays

Australia is infamous for stringent rules about quarantine cleaning for the protection of the ecosystem here. To prevent any delays and avoid your car remaining in customs for an indefinite period of time, get your car cleaned from a good quarantine cleaning service provider.

Knowing all these rules and tips will make the process of bringing your beloved car to Australia easy for you.