What Are The Safest Places To Drive In The US?

As you can easily imagine, there are some places that are much safer to drive in when you are in the US than others. There are also special dates that are quite deadly, like the popular July 4th weekend. Car accidents happen much more often than what we think and the insurance giant Allstate highlights the cities that are the safest based on their reports and clients. Also, according to Lemon Law Group Partners reviews, the following locations presented below are where fewer accidents take place based on accident injury lawsuit data gathered.

Statistics show that on average a US driver has one collision every ten years. However, the average car driver living in Sioux Falls only has a car accident every 14 years. This practically means that the possibility to have a car accident in this city is 32% lower than the recorded national average. Sioux Falls is thus the safest city in the US for drivers. The second one in terms of safety is Fort Collins, with collisions being expected once every 13.4 years for the car drivers.

Allstate is really big in the insurance industry as it makes up around 12% of all the policies sold in the country. In the past 4 years the company managed to analyze all the data associated with the clients and offered a highly realistic snapshot of the roadways of America.

What is interesting to notice is that the lower accident rate in Sioux Falls is noticed because the challenges the drivers deal with are different than in the much larger cities. This is why we should also think about the urban areas that are the safest.

A surprise comes from the city of Detroit. Although the city did have a bad reputation for violence in the past, at the moment it does have the safest US drivers. The accident rates present here are around 20% less than what we see at a national level. If we are to look at the cities that house over 1 million citizens, the city that comes to top is Phoenix with the safest commuters for a big city. Accident rates are around equal to what we see nationwide.

New York City drivers are, unfortunately, number 126 of 200 when thinking about safety. An average time between the accidents for one person is 8.8 years. This is 13% higher than national averages.

The bottom of the list in terms of safety is featuring many different well-known US cities. Texas’ Dallas, San Antonio and Houston drivers are much more likely to have an accident than drivers in other places, with ranges between 24% and 28%. Philadelphia and Los Angeles are also cities that are very dangerous for drivers.

Remember that it does not matter where you drive as long as safe preventive driving is practices. You will need to be careful and respect all laws and regulations. A main reason why accidents happen is distracted driving. You can at least avoid that, even if you drive in the cities mentioned.