Truck driver shortage can affect your safety

With time, the number of registered truck drivers in Hayward and other counties are slowly decreasing. A survey conducted back in 2015 found that the truck driving industry is about 48,000  short of qualified drivers. Even though the truck driving industry is increasing at an exponential rate, this industry is still substantially short of qualified drivers who can maneuver their way through Hayward. These days, almost every business requires trucks to transport their freight from one destination to another, for most businesses hiring a truck delivery service is a prerequisite.

The driving force behind this shortage is the fact that this industry has evolved into one of the most dynamic and evolved industries out there. At the same time the legal parameters that govern truck driving have become much more stringent, this includes the federal rules which were enacted to effectively encompass the truck driving industry.  Furthermore, due to the high degree of dexterity and hard work involved in truck driving, many drivers have transitioned into different industries to reduce their work load. Many people do not realize that this shortage of drivers is going to have a ripple effect on the economy and is a serious safety hazard.

How will this shortage affect drivers in Hayward?

As mentioned before, the shortage of drivers will start a ripple effect which will hamper the safety of every motorist on the road. Given below are the most prominent effects that this shortage will have for every motorist

  • Trucks will be overloaded with excess cargo
  • The number of inexperienced drivers on the road will increase
  • Increase in the number of underage drivers behind the wheel
  • Increase in the number of unqualified drivers on the road
  • Truck drivers will have to adhere to longer shift hours, which will increase their fatigue

These effects enunciate the fact that due to this shortage the chances of truck accidents occurring will increase. These trucks are all around Hayward and every motorist should be aware of the increased threat of truck accidents. The biggest concern is that due to the shortage, truck companies may become lax in their hiring policies and start hiring inexperienced drivers, which will further increase the probability of accidents. These trucks are everywhere and every motorist should take certain steps to safeguard their interests.

What should you do in case you get into a truck accident?

The very first thing every motorist should do is to praise the lord that they survived as truck accidents can get very ugly. Due to the nature of these accidents, the damage inflicted can be quite extensive and effectively getting compensation can be quite difficult. After an accident, every motorist should first call an ambulance and check if everyone in the vicinity is alright, remember nothing is more valuable then human life and no amount of money can compensate for the loss of life.

Once you have made sure that everyone is alright, the next step is to take pictures of the aftermath of the accident. These pictures should include nearby traffic signals and the damage inflicted on both cars, the next step is to contact the police. Most people do not know this but they cannot make an insurance claim without a police report, so contacting the police is always a good idea.

Finally, the most important step is to contact truck accident lawyers in Hayward in case of an accident. Without them, getting effective compensation is simply impossible. These personal injury attorneys in Hayward have massive experience in dealing with truck accidents and have all the skills and tools in their arsenal to help you get compensation that encompasses your losses!