How to Jump Start Your Chevrolet Car

Have you ever experienced something like, your car isn’t responding to your key turns? If yes, you are not alone. Every driver has to face this at some time or other. At this situation a simple solution is learning how to jump start your car. A step by step procedure suggested by the Concord Chevrolet dealer with a bit of adherence to few basic rules can safely jump start the car and let you move ahead.

A Small List of Requirement

To jump start a car, you need the help of a friend or anyone who is present nearby with a car that is functioning properly. This is because your car would need a source of power for the initial push. But that alone would not suffice. You need to have a pair of jumper cables as well, which should always be stored inside the trunk at all times to respond to emergency situations at the middle of the road like this.

Placement and Arrangement

The person who is ready to help you has to move his or her car front facing yours. Both the cars need to be placed close enough so that the cables can connect, but at a minimum distance of two feet. Both the cars need to be brought in neutral for manual transmissions to take place. Next comes turning on the emergency brakes. Once done, do turn off the power sourcing car while opening the hoods of both the cars.

Identifying and Connecting the Cables

Refer to the owner’s manuals to locate the placement of batteries of each car. Each battery would have two terminals, one positive painted in red and one negative painted in black, respectively. Ensure that both the terminals are correctly identified and connected to both the batteries, to successfully jump start the car safely.

Once both the cars are off and all the battery terminals are properly identified, it is time to start attaching the cables. Now one has to place the positive cable on the positive terminal of the battery of the dysfunctional car. Next in the queue, is placing the opposite end of the positive cable perfectly on the positive terminal of the energy sourcing battery.

After this it would be necessary to connect the negative cable to the sourcing battery’s negative terminal while the other end of the negative cable needs to be clamped up with the unpainted metal surface of the dysfunctional car, keeping it away from the battery.

Start off the Car

As the initial steps are over, it is time to turn on the helper car and allow the engine to work for a couple of minutes. Then you can try to key start your car. If it responds, make it run the engine while disconnecting and placing back the cables, and starting it now with the negative cables.

Moving On

By following these simple steps, one can easily jump start the car buy some time to look for a battery repair or replacement. For more tips and advices on batteries, visit Chevrolet near Concord and let go off your worries.