Five Best Accessories for Your New Car

Now that you have done your research and bought yourself a new car that perfectly fits your needs, you are wanting to outfit it so that it fits your personality. This can be done getting the right kind of accessories that will both make your car look good and come in handy when in a pinch.

Frost guard for your windshield

If you have gone through a cold, cold winter you know all about how annoying it is to try and scrape your car windshield in the morning before work. You can absolutely avoid this kind of thing if you go and get yourself a frost guard sheet that will make sure and keep your windshield clear and help you avoid having to spend that time.

CD Slot Phone Mount

One of the most annoying things about phone mounts for your car is that they tend to get in your way and can make things you want to use, such as heating vents, unusable. The good news is that there is now a kind of phone mount that goes into your CD slot. These days, you probably aren’t using that slot for much else. Now you have a new use for it.

Portable battery charger

If you have ever found yourself in the middle of nowhere with a dead battery because you left the lights on while you went Christmas Tree shopping, then you can now rest easy. There is a portable battery charger that will not only charge your car’s battery but will also be able to charge your mobile devices and even your laptop. This is truly an all-purpose charger that will make sure you are covered no matter how off-road you have gone.

Tough seat covers

If you are someone who gives your car a bit of a workout, you might want to look at getting some seat covers that can handle that workout. This is especially the case if you tend to be toting furry friends with big time claws. Neoprene seat covers will allow your car to take a bit of a beating without showing much wear and tear. You can keep your car looking nice and neat, even if you’re putting a ton of miles on it.

Car seat organizer

Another thing you’re going to want if your car gets a lot of use is some sort of car seat organizer. This can hang on the back of your seat and make sure everything is in its place when you have passengers.

Most of these accessories are not going to be things that make people jealous right off the bat. After they seem them in action however, you are likely going to see someone wonder where you got the things that you outfitted your car with. You are likely also going to have plenty of people who are looking to copycat what you did with those choices for the best accessories for a car you can get.