5 Ways to Give Your Wheel a Makeover Without Burning A Hole In Your Pocket

Everyone loves the expensive sports cars, but it might not be within your pay-check. Even if you save up enough to buy that fancy wheel, it would cover the cost of only the purchase and you will have to shell out more for its maintenance. Yes, frankly, it isn’t feasible for the common man to own a supercar and sometimes it isn’t a practical choice for a vehicle, when everyone in the family uses the same 4X4.

So, what happens if you are stuck with your boring SUV with a dream of owning a fancy sports car? You simply tweak and revamp the wheel to give it an edgy look. Now, even if you are excited, you are worried about how much you might have to shell for the same. This is where we give you five ways to give your wheels a makeover without spending much.


  • Clean and Replace: The easiest way to start the makeover process for your 4X4 wheel would be to give it a thorough wash. Instead of washing it at home, head over to a car wash and let the experts handle it for a change. Have the interiors cleaned as well. Replace all the old parts and accessories with new ones, starting with the floor mats. Ditch all stock wheels and go for King Springs. They will instantly make you stand apart.
5 Ways to Give Your Wheel a Makeover Without Burning A Hole In Your Pocket
  • Make Repairs:Work on the dents and scratches on your 4X4. It doesn’t matter if you make these repairs yourself. Work out all the dents and scratches carefully. Repair the broken lights and install one of the best 4wd suspension lift kits. Customers in Australia love their quality and service.
  • Install A New Sound System: The simplest way to give a makeover to your wheel is to install a sound system that suits your budget. If you think that spending on a new sound system isn’t your priority right now, simply change the factory speakers for a new pair and let the rest of the parts remain.
  • Get New Wheels: Getting sporty wheels for your 4X4 will immediately make it look like a sports car. If you want to give character to your automobile, invest a good set of wheels. If a new music system isn’t your choice, you can spend on a Ford Ranger PX Suspension Lift instead.
  • Adjust the Lift: Apart from changing the wheels for the vehicle, when you adjust its height, it also helps give the vehicle a completely new look. You can decide on the kind of lift you want depending on your budget. There are some great 4wd lift kits that you can pick from, you just have to make sure you choose a very reputable wheels and tyre dealer if you decide to purchase them online.
5 Ways to Give Your Wheel a Makeover Without Burning A Hole In Your Pocket2


Depending on the type of wheel you have, look for options online and pick whichever suits your taste and pocket. Click this link, to find out more on how to revamp your wheels. Follow these simple ways to give your everyday looking wheel a brand new look that will make heads turn.