3 Myths About Dealerships and Used Cars

Deceiving, slick, liars, slippery. These are some of the “colorful words” which are often used when speaking about salespeople dealing with the used cars. Unfortunately, the automotive sales consultants don’t have a good reputation at all, which is especially true for used car salesmen.

Not all car dealerships are equal. With that being said, it’s important to debunk the certain myths about dealerships and salespeople that are lingering around the automobile world.

Looking for a quality pre-owned vehicle? Whether it be a car, SUV, or truck, consider debunking the following myths when you go shopping.

Myth 1: Extended Warranty is not worth investing

Many people regard the idea of extended warranty on used cars as a waste of money. Whether you are purchasing a hair dryer, TV, or big SUV, the chances are you will have the opportunity to invest in some kind of an extended warranty.

So, is an extended warranty a good idea when it comes to the used vehicles? Well, it mostly depends on how you will be using that vehicle. As you already know, the older cars require frequent repairs and maintenance. This is where an extended warranty comes in! It can keep your wallet away from sudden repair expenses. In general, extended warranty is a good idea if you want to buy a pre-owned vehicle for years to come.

Myth 2: There are hidden fees

During the sales process, a car dealership will attempt to hide some extra fees. Well, there are a lot of honest, good individuals among those people. Any reputable car salesman is supposed to be entirely transparent with customers. He should encourage buyers to check all the paperwork associated with funding a car.

If you are feeling pressured, uncomfortable, or unsure when financing a car, you can always press pause and find another dealership.

Myth 3: Trading-In & Trading-Up

No matter you are seeking a trade-in deal for your old car or trade-up to a newer, more expensive vehicle, you should always make sure to consider a price range. Also, make sure to leave the genuine feedback about a dealership and car you are trading in. That will help other people to get a better idea of that particular salesmen.

How to find a used car that fits both your needs and budget? All you need to do is visit the used car websites or car finder tools and select the particular options according to your needs. Otherwise, you can look for the car ads and print advertisements in the automotive industry. So the key is to do a thorough research when purchasing a used vehicle.

With a myriad of dealerships and offers these days, the chances are you will exactly find what you are looking for. Canadian Black Book, Edmunds.com, and Kelley Blue Book are some proven, reputable resources which assist customers when shopping pre-owned vehicles in The United States and Canada.

Once you have debunked these myths, you are all set to go shopping. Whether you’re searching for used cars in Ennis or New York, you are likely to find a good deal. You just need to know where and what you’re looking for.