When the entire world is in apprehension of the effects of Global warming, there can be no better time to make environmentally responsible choices. Especially, when we all know how much the vehicles have contributed in this environmental loss, it is time that we all make some changes in daily life commuting, to save our planet in the distant future and our next generation in the nearest future, if not present. The motor manufacturers have come forward in this matter and have started launching high end electric cars as well as hybrid cars.

Here we are focusing on a few facts on hybrid cars that you should know before going for one.

A Brief on the Latest Hybrid Cars

According to GMC dealer Vista car mechanic, Hybrid cars consist of two engines, one is the small electric motor that runs the show most of the time and the other is the fuel-efficient gasoline engine that is meant for heavy lifting and other heavy commuting tasks. The hybrid cars can automatically switch from one engine to another, by analyzing the gravity of tasks it has been assigned to.

I’ve put together six of the most important things you should know before parting ways with your dough and buying a hybrid car.

1: Hybrid Cars are Economical

When you own a hybrid vehicle you are saving money at the fuel pump stations as you barely use the gasoline. Every time you run on the battery, you are saving on the fuel and the best part is that the car would pay for itself over time, unlike the conventional cars. Hybrids depreciate in much slower pace than the regular cars, while hybrid parts carry longer period of warranties.

  1. Expensive During Upfront Payment

Apparently, the Hybrids cost more than the conventional vehicles. But in reality, it is not. Yes, you pay a 20% more in the upfront cost while owning one. But the running cost of hybrid cars are much lesser than the conventional cars, including the maintenance and repair works.

3: The Myth Around the Battery 

If you heard that the battery life of hybrid cars is lesser than normal car batteries, be assured that it is a myth. The batteries of hybrid cars last long, even after heavy use. Replacement batteries have been made a lot cheaper now in comparison to the first few ones, when they rolled in for the first time.

4: Hybrid Cars Do Run on High Speed

If you are doubtful about how fast a hybrid car will move, then the figures provided by the GMC Vista dealers, can calm your mind is 0-60 in 3.5 seconds with a top speed of 187 MPH, and the range can be extended up to 1,200 miles.

5: As Comfortable as Conventional Cars

The handling of Hybrid cars is as smooth as any high end conventional car. When it is not in need of power the engine would completely shut down and would rev up again with a light press on the accelerator and all this is to save gas and deter from emitting toxic fumes.